On Thursday, October 29, PAME hosted an event under the theme “New bill on the Action of Trade Unions: Trade union action, organization and workers’ rights under attack by government and employers”.

The event was part of the effort made by the class trade union movement to reveal the real intentions of the government for the new bill that it brings to the Parliament, which aims to strengthen the obstruction in the organization of the workers’ struggle against the abolition of rights and workers’ demands by crushing trade union freedoms.

Under the directives of the Greek Industrialists Association, SEV and the big business groups, the Government moves forward to destroy salaries, pensions, working time and stable work. They want to...

With the new capitalist crisis in progress, the demands of the industrialists, the big business groups, are clear: They want to proceed unhindered with the attack on salaries, pensions, working hours and stable work. They want to prevent even the slightest opposition, so as to impose all the necessary reforms for the profitability of capital, with the labor movement in chains.

The attack on...

A protest at the Ministry of Finance took place on October 22 by unions and organizations of the self-employed against the Bankruptcy Code brought for voting by the government

The Finance Workers Union, the Lawyer-Employees Union and the Federation of Self-Employed Associations of Attica participated with the Committee of Self-Employed Lawyers.

“Bankers Hands off from Peoples’ Homes”

This documentary that you can watch with English subtitles is a production of KNE in honour of the victims of the nazi, criminal organization “Golden Dawn” and especially in honour of the anti-fascist musician Pavlos Fyssas, as this year marks 7 years since his murder by members of the “Golden Dawn”.

The “Golden Dawn” after five and half years of trial and under the pressure of the workers’

The Executive Secretariat of PAME welcomes the successful demonstrations and strike mobilization of students, parents, teachers, and public services employees on October 15.

Students, teachers, parents, public sector strikers, gave a strong response to the government’s anti-popular policy. The message was clear and strong: Our children’s struggle is ours, it is fair. Our children are not a cost...

The Students’ Coordination of Athens held a massive demonstration on Friday, October 9 at the Ministry of Education. However the Ministers, instead of meeting with the students, teachers and parents’ representatives attacked 14 year old children with forces of riot police, tear gas, flash grenades and arrests of underage students.

Video: https://youtu.be/TWIOucZsCrg


An enormous river of people, a popular outcry sent the nazi-criminal organization back to the garbage of history.

The working people, the trade unions, the youth, all these years had already reached their verdict. GOLDEN DAWN is a Criminal Organization, they are murderers, they are Nazi.

The Court’s verdict confirmed people’s verdict. It justified the family of Pavlos Fyssas, of Shehzad...

The Greek Committee for International Détente and Peace (EEDYE), labor unions, self-employed associations, student associations, the Hellenic Women’s Federation (OGE) and other structures of the peoples’ movement in Athens denounceδ and condemned the visit of General Secretary of NATO Jens Stoltenberg to Greece, on Tuesday 6 October 2020 with a massive protest rally in the city center of...

The trial of the Golden Dawn in Greece is almost concluded. The leadership of the criminal nazist organization “Golden Dawn” is judged guilty for the accusations of Directing a Criminal Organization, the attacks against immigrant workers, trade-unionists of PAME and the assassination of the militant singer Pavlos Fyssas and the immigrant worker Shehzad Luqman.

The popular organizations and...

On October 7, the trial against the Fascists of Golden Dawn reached its verdict. With thousands protesters, a sea of people surrounded the court since early morning waiting for the announcement of the verdict demanding PUT THE NAZIS IN PRISON.

The verdict was announced: GUILTY

The leadership of the fascist, Nazi, organization is convicted for leading a criminal organization. They were found...

On Tuesday, October 06, on the event of the visit in Greece by NATO’s General Secretary, Unions and people’s organizations held a militant protest in the center of Athens and a demonstration in front of the Parliament.

In the rally PAME speaker noted:

“We are alert and worried about the dangerous future that the Falcons of Death are preparing. This wolfpack-alliance with the US-NATO-EU...