16 | 09 | 2019
Was anyone taken in by Trump’s isolationist rhetoric? He may rail against NATO, gut the State Department, slash funding for diplomacy, and withdraw from international agreements, but his executive appointments make it clear that “America First” really means “America über alles.”

Oil billionaire Rex Tillerson was no friend of democracy; his replacement, Mike Pompeo, is a deranged theocrat who has called for regime change in North Korea and first-strike attacks on Iran.

When the WFTU was founded on 3 of October 1945, it immediately expressed the hopes of the voiceless. It was the “child of unity” between workers, small farmers and every employee who wanted to forget the atrocities of fascism and WWII.

Among those who embraced the young organization have been the female rural workers; from the Indian female farmer to the poor Balkan farmer who had seen her crops on fire during the Great War.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation (USA) published an article analyzing the student led protests as a reaction to the recent mass shooting in Florida.

The article intervened in the ongoing gun-control debate with a socialist perspective and a concrete program towards a solution which contained the following points:

International Women’s Day calls us to a double task.

It calls us, first, to recognize that women suffer disproportionately from every aspect of capitalist exploitation and oppression, from poverty and austerity to environmental degradation and imperialism—just as they have borne the brunt of inequality in every class-based society.

We the Young Communist League and New Elm City Dream of New Haven, Connecticut stand in solidarity with the students of Parkland, Florida.  We offer our condolences for the loss of your friends and teachers, and for the loss of peace in your community.
This could have happened to any of us.  We are with you in the nationwide movement to unite youth against violence.

We have been marching in New Haven for many years to end violence in our city.  The majority of high school students in New Haven have lost a friend to gun violence.  This fact is a mass killing in itself. Our marches are not only to end shootings, but also to fight for jobs for youth and jobs for all.  Our most recent march on Sunday, February 25th was part of our annual Black History Month celebration. We highlighted the crisis of murders of black and brown youth in our community, and the crisis of joblessness that leads to violence.  Low regulation and availability of guns benefits the National Rifle Association and is part of the systematic killing of black and brown youth.

 This article is based on a report to, and subsequent discussion among, the National Board of the Communist Party USA.

 I. What is the Resistance?

The thing we call the resistance is heterogeneous, made up of different forces, each with their own objectives and tactics in struggle.

It brings together some, including moderate Republicans, with the narrow goal of returning to the status quo ante by removing the Trump regime.  Other forces see removing Trump as part of a larger Democratic electoral campaign against the GOP.

CPUSAThis is an extraordinary election year.  There is horror and there is hope. These elections will mark either a step toward or a step back from growth of fascism in our country.

The CPUSA National Committee is charged with adopting a strategic plan that will engage the entire Party in the 2018 elections and in movement building.

PAME, a member of the WFTU, denounces the government of the USA which has denied granting to the WFTU General Secretary George Mavrikos an entry visa to the US.

The WFTU General Secretary has scheduled a visit to the USA for March 2018 to attend an event of the United Nations in New York, where he is a permanent representative of the WFTU, and to participate as main speaker in the annual trade union meeting of Trade Union Organizations members and friends of WFTU that will take place the same month in Los Angeles, USA.

We noted US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s speech at the University of Texas on US policy in Latin America. The main takeaway is that the Monroe Doctrine continues to hold sway in Washington, even though it will turn 200 years old fairly soon, in 2023. The world has changed significantly over the years, but the America-for-Americans principle appears to be alive and well.

John Bachtell, national chairman of the Communist Party USA, will reply to Trump’s State of the Union on Facebook Live, Tuesday January 30th. The program will begin immediately following Trump’s speech.

“Our address will be a working-class and peoples response to Trump” said Bachtell. “From the threat of nuclear war to the denial of climate change, Trump’s policies are literally threatening our lives.”

Communists have strong opinions as everybody knows. I often joke if you ask a group of communists to agree where to go for dinner, you’ll get different recommendations from each one, passionately argue, never agree and end up starving.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise over 500 members responded to the first ever Communist Party USA membership survey over the fall of 2017 and many have strong opinions about the organization.

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