Tuesday, 28. March 2017

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  1. Moscow, SANA- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stressed the necessity of cooperation among all the countries of the region to eliminate terrorism and to end the existence of terrorists in Syria and in other countries. In a speech delivered at Moscow University on Tuesday, President Rouhani said that eliminating terrorism entails time, seriousness and high levels of coordination and cooperation among the key...
  2. Daraa, SANA- An army unit operating in Daraa carried out a military operation targeting a hideout for Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Daraa al-Balad area. A military source told SANA Tuesday that an army unit destroyed a position of Jabhat al-Nusra in Tarik al-Sad ( the Dam road) neighborhood in Daraa al-Balad area, killing and injuring all terrorists in it.  
  3. Cairo, SANA – Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry stressed the need to unify regional and international efforts to solve the crisis in Syria. Egyptian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ahmed Abu Zeid said that Shoukry discussed with the UN Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, the developments in Syria and the efforts to reach a political...
  4. Amman, SANA_ Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry and Russian President’s Special Representative for the Middle East and Africa, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov discussed the need to support the efforts aimed at reaching a political solution to the crisis in Syria. Egyptian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ahmed Abu Zeid said Monday that the two sides reviewed...
  5. The Joint Seminar of WFTU and ACFTU kicked off today, March 28th 2017, in Beijing, China. 17 women trade-unionists from 17 English-Speaking countries of Africa and Asia are taking part. During the opening of the seminar , AN Jianhua, Director-General of the ACFTU International Relations Department took the floor, followed by Anda Anastasaki, General Coordinator of the WFTU central offices on behalf of WFTU, Helen Tibeer Gbafan, Gender Desk Officer of National Union of Hotels and Personal Services Workers-Nigeria on behalf of African women trade-unionists and Purna Joshi, Deputy General secretary of CONEP-Nepal on behalf of Asian women trade-unionists. This initiative is the 9th of its kind.
  6. Damascus, SANA- The temperatures will remain above average as the country is affected by a superficial low air pressure accompanied by western air currents in the upper layers of the atmosphere. The Meteorology Department expected in its Tuesday bulletin that the skies will be clear to partly cloudy in general and that local rain showers will fall over the coastal areas. The...
  7. Geneva, SANA – Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said Monday it was too early to assess results of the fifth round of the Geneva talks on Syria. Gatilov’s remarks came upon his arrival to Geneva accompanied by Sergey Vershinin, the Director of the Middle East and North Africa Department at the Russian Foreign Ministry....
  8. The Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of India (CPI) has issued the following Press Communique to the media on the decisions of the two-day National Executive meeting held at Ajoy Bhavan, New Delhi, along with the three resolutions adopted at the meeting:

    The National Executive meeting of the Communist Party of India (CPI) held on March 25 and 26, 2017 at Ajoy Bhavan, New Delhi, reviewing the results of the assembly elections, observed that that the
  9. Resolution On Maharashtra Farmer’s Victory on Samrudhi Route

    (Adopted by N.E.)

    National Executive of CPI congratulate the farmers and All India Kisan Sabha for compelling Government of Maharashtra to cancel Land pooling scheme floated to built new townships on Samrudhi marg between Nagpur and Mumbai. This partial withdrawal was announced by Shri Radeshyam Mopalwar incharge of Samrudhi Marg project. Farmers in 10 districts and 254 villages in the state of Maharashtra were opposed to the
  10. Resolution on Indian Government Must Take Up 
    Racist Attacks With US

    (Adopted by N.E.)

            The National Executive of the Communist Party of India expresses its serious concern over the growing attacks of racism on Indians in the United States. After Donald Trump came to power the attacks on Indian community are continuing with the same hate slogan of “Go back to your country”. Young Indian Engineer
  11. Resolution On Drought in South India

    (Adopted by N.E.)

             The country’s South Indian States are reeling under severe drought. The farming and agricultural workers are the worst victims and situation has forced them to migrate from rural areas to cities and neighbouring states in search of bread and butter and to help their suffering families.

             The National Executive of the Communist Party of India takes note of the severity
  12. Lankao County in central China's Henan Province Monday announced its withdrawal from the country's list of impoverished counties.
  13. China and Madagascar on Monday agreed to synergize development strategies under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative and ten major plans for China-Africa cooperation.
  14. Police in south China's Guangdong Province said Monday that they had captured more than 2,000 migrants who illegally crossed the border this year, up 47 percent year on year.
  15. Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Nepali Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Monday afternoon, and they agreed to cooperate more in jointly building the Belt and Road.
  16. Trade and investment volumes between China and Nepal grew fast during the past few years as the two neighboring countries enhanced their economic ties, official data showed Monday.
  17. The ground-breaking cooperation agreement between China and New Zealand on the Belt and Road Initiative -- the first with a developed Western country -- came like a lovely breeze across the South-Pacific amid the global chill of rising protectionism.
  18. Major Chinese companies operating in Greece had the opportunity to discuss prospects and challenges of investing in Greece with Greek state officials during a Belt and Road business workshop held on Monday.
  19. A top government official of China's Tibet Autonomous Region on Monday said Tibet is "full of vigor" and its people are confident to be at par with others in the nation to achieve a "moderately prosperous society."
  20. A magnitude 5.1 earthquake that hit southwest China has affected the lives of 15,786 people, according to the latest government tally.
  21. Ten suspects have been arrested after a residential building explosion killed five people and injured 25 others in north China Saturday, police said Tuesday.
  22. Six business apartment projects and 15 real estate agent offices in Beijing were punished Monday for violating a government ban aimed at cooling the red-hot housing market.
  23. Damascus, SANA – People’s Assembly on Monday discussed the performance of Industry Ministry, means of upgrading the industrial facilities and speeding up the production. Speaker of the People’s Assembly Hadiyeh Abbas stressed the importance of overcoming the difficulties and obstacles which hinder the development of the industry sector, doubling efforts to increase production, rehabilitating the...
  24. The baseball tournament will be held in South Carolina and is co-hosted by the U.S. baseball clubs Charlotte Knights and Durham Bulls

  25. English follows the Spanish

    Declaración de La Voz de los de Abajo ChicagoTierra y Territorios: Campesinos y Pueblos Indígenas en Honduras siguen bajo ataque

         Del 26 de febrero al 11 de marzo de 2017, La Voz de los de Abajo organización con sede en Chicago, coordinó una delegación a Honduras de miembros y dirigentes de organizaciones de derechos humanos, de justicia ambiental, de jóvenes y estudiantes, religiosas, sindicales y solidarias, para la conmemoración del aniversario del asesinato de Berta Cáceres Flores.Nuestra delegación se reunió con defensores hondureños de derechos humanos y con...
  26. By: Alex Emmons / Source: The Intercept / The Dawn News / March 22, 2017 As the Trump administration resumes weapons shipments to Saudi Arabia for its devastating bombing campaign in Yemen — including precision-guided weapons the Obama administration had suspended on human rights grounds — a State Department official told […]
  27. Damascus, SANA-Damascus Securities Exchange (DSE) Monday session closed with transactions of 93150 stocks in 107 deals, with an overall value of SYP 41.603 million, with the DSE closing at 2997.65 points and marking an increase by 21.37points. The stocks of Qatar National Bank closed at SYP 434.85, marking an increase by 0.24%. The stocks of...
  28. In the lead up to the celebrations for the55th anniversary of the Young Communists League and the 56th anniversary of the José Martí Pioneers Organization, this April 4, Cuban youth mobilized to support agricultural efforts in the province of Sancti Spíritus

  29. The World Federation of Trade Unions denounces the unjustified, unacceptable and provocative reduction of the yearly pay increase from many major companies and enterprises in Japan. The reduction of the yearly pay increase is applied by big companies which achieve huge profits based on the exploitation of the workforce of Japan The WFTU supports the demands and struggles of the working class of Japan for normal pay increase in the workers’ wages and condemns these actions of Japan’s monopolies. The Secretariat
  30. The World Federation of Trade Unions representing 92 million workers in the 5 continents condemns the sell-out of the state property and supports the Pakistan Working Class’ struggles against the Privatization of the Pakistan Railways and other profitable institutions. In addition the international class oriented trade union movement stands on the side of the Pakistani working class denouncing the anti-labour policies, the price hike, the non implementation of the labour legislation and the violation of minimum wages. The WFTU struggles in order to safeguard the public property in favor of the working class and its interests for decent life standards and calls the peoples to join the international class oriented movement in this direction. The Secretariat
  31. The Joint Seminar of WFTU and ACFTU will kick off tomorrow on March 28th in Beijing, China. Women trade-unionists from the English-Speaking Africa and from Asia will participate in the seminar. (Photos from the Preparatory meeting)
  32. Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang (R) meets with Nepal's Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, in Beijing, capital of China, March 26, 2017.
  33. Top Chinese political advisor Yu Zhengsheng Monday called for targeted and effective democratic supervision of China's poverty alleviation efforts.
  34. Chinese President Xi Jinping told visiting Micronesian President Peter M. Christian Monday that China welcomed the Pacific island country to participate in the Belt and Road construction.
  35. New Zealand on Monday inked a cooperation agreement on the Belt and Road Initiative with China, becoming the first among Western developed countries.
  36. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Monday urged more efforts in tree-planting and forest fire prevention to facilitate a greener environment and sustainable development for the country.
  37. An initiative on economic globalization was announced at the end of the annual conference of the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) on Sunday in Hainan Province.
  38. Lankao County in central China's Henan Province Monday announced its withdrawal from the country's list of impoverished counties.
  39. China and New Zealand will jointly establish an upgraded free trade area with more open trade and investment, to promote bilateral trade cooperation and economic globalization, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said here on Monday.
  40. Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a message to Hungarian President Janos Ader on March 20 to congratulate him on his reelection as the head of state.
  41. On this occasion, we also remember and pay tribute to the tens of thousands of people in Irian Barat who have been killed by Indonesia’s US-backed genocidal campaign, especially the martyrs of the struggle for their country’s self-determination and liberation.

    The post THE PEOPLE OF IRIAN BARAT MUST BE FREE!!! appeared first on NDFP.

  42. 'Triggering Article 50 to leave the EU confronts the left and the labour movement with four specific challenges', John Foster told the Communist Party's executive committee at the weekend.

  43. As the AFP intensified its war crimes to “flatten the hills” and “drop bombs,” in close proximity to Lumad and peasant communities in Southern Mindanao, New People’s Army units launched tactical offensives against forward-deployed AFP troops, carried out punitive action on an abusive multinational banana exporter, and released prisoners of war.

    The post Red fighters launch back-to-back offensives, release POWs, as AFP bombards countryside in Southern Mindanao appeared first on NDFP.

  44. The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today said it is set to issue a unilateral declaration of interim ceasefire not later than March 31 in anticipation and support of the fourth round of peace talks between the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) set for April 2-6 in The Netherlands.

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  45. By: Esti Redondo / Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn News / March, 2017 India’s indigenous peoples are scattered across the country, have their own languages and often live in the forests; traditionally they are food gatherers, and they call themselves adivasi. The Gudalur valley is located on the border of […]
  46. The Unicef program is being implemented in schools in Santiago de Cuba and the Havana neighborhood of La Timba

  47. Looking through photos and listening to Cuban music take Chilean Ignacia Paz Ugás Cádiz back to the years she spent studying in Cuba, from August of 2009 through July, 2014, at the International Sports and Physical Education School, located in San José de las Lajas, in what is now the province of Mayabeque…

  48. The scientific center was founded on March 8, 1962, by Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz, in response to work being undertaken in the agricultural and livestock sectors, regarding animal nutrition

  49. Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) of Cuba, Leopoldo Cintra Frías, is currently visiting Vietnam

  50. Pascuala Vásquez is the spiritual leader of the Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH). Known affectionately to all as Doña Pascualita, she is also head of COPINH’s Lenca cultural committee, and is on the council of elders.  By: Beverly Bell / The Dawn News / March 21, […]
  51. Source: ALBA Movimientos / The Dawn News / March 21, 2017 Considering that April 2, the day of the presidential runoff election at Ecuador,  “is a transcendental moment for the Ecuadorian and Latin American people”, people’s movements and fighters of Argentina and Brazil signed a statement in which they briefly expose the social impact […]
  52. By: Roberto Perdía / Source: Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn News / March 15, 2017 The reflections I hereby share were inspired by a note published by online magazine “La Tecla Eñe” on March 1, 2017. In that article, under the title “Republic and Populism”, Ricardo Rouvier has the courage to introduce […]
  53. As an archipelago, and due to Cuba’s geographical location in the Caribbean Sea, the country is highly vulnerable to events associated with climate change

  54. This is the first of a two-part interview with Itaí Hagman. Read the second part next week in The Dawn. By: Carlos Aznárez / Source: Resumen Latinoamericano / The Dawn News / March 15, 2017 Itaí Hagman is the leader of Patria Grande (Great Motherland), which is part of an […]
  55. The Comandante made his first trip to Angola March 23-27, 1977

  56. By: Medhi Hasan / Source: The Intercerpt / The Dawn News / March 22, 2017 In his memoir, the Israeli journalist Hirsh Goodman described how he returned home from the Six Day War in June 1967 to hear the country’s founding father and first prime minister, David Ben Gurion, speak […]
  57.   By: Juana Quiroga / The Dawn News / March 23, 2017 I interviewed Hasan Alnajjar in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he now lives, after fleeing Palestine, where he lived in a hopeless situation and endured many years of violence and deprivation due to the Israeli apartheid. He was born […]
  58. The University of Havana is the oldest and most prestigious in Cuba • Conservation expert Claudia Felipe Torres spoke with Granma International about the institution's history and architecture

  59. María Cristina Sotomayor, a founder of the first People’s Power bodies established in Cuba, inspires in her constituents the idea that any difficulty can be overcome with the participation of all

  60. Oxfordshire Communists reject the One Oxfordshire proposals cobbled together by three Tory-led Oxfordshire councils.

  61. Dazhu Yang, deputy director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) Department of Technical Cooperation, inaugurated the Caribbean Regional Ocean Acidification Observatory in Cienfuegos

  62. The United Nations expressed its full support for Cuba this March 22, in order to contribute to the sustainable management of water resources in the country in the face of challenges such as drought and food security

  63. The Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of India (CPI) issued the following statement to the media on March 22, 2017:

    The Central Secretariat of the CPI demands the Union Government to extend the time for exchange of old currency notes of NRIs and others, as kilometer long queues of people at Reserve Banks are still continuing at Delhi and other places. It is a fact that some of the elderly persons and the sick have forgotten where they have stored their hard-earned savings. Some of these elders are either living alone or with some families in a different dwelling unit. Prime Minister’s earlier
  64. The Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of India (CPI) issued the following statement to the press severely condemning the legalizing of free flow of corporate funding to political parties:

    The Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of India severely condemns the Narendra Modi government’s approval to free flow of corporate money into the coffers of political parties without any cap by making necessary amendments to the Finance Bill, 2017. Through the amendment, the government has also allowed the companies to keep the names of the recipient political parties confidential and to donate crores of
  65. The Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of India (CPI) issued the following statement urging the apex court to decide on the Ayodhya dispute:

    The Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of India feels strongly against the move of the Chief Justice of India J S Khekar to put the ball back into the court of the disputed parties by calling for an amicable out-of-court settlement of the Ram Mandir-Babri Masjid issue. The dispute in fact is about the title deed of the disputed site.

    The apex court instead of deciding on the legal ownership of the
  66. The Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of India (CPI) issued following statement to the media on March 22, 2017:

    The Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of India, expresses serious concern at the decision of the Union government to make Aadhar Card compulsory for every transaction, such as opening saving bank accounts, benefit including IT returns, EPF pensions, mid-day meals etc. This is against the directive of Supreme Court and earlier understanding given by government that, other identifications will also be accepted instead of Aadhar Card. This is not justified. Still several crores of
  67. Source: Umoya / The Dawn News / March 21, 2017 Corporate media and agencies pay no attention to news on this brave woman called Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, but the Umoya portal and other groups are well aware of her work, because it’s of crucial importance: it could end the misery […]
  68. From February 28 - March 8, 2017, a La Voz de los de Abajo delegation was in Honduras for the commemoration of Berta Caceres' murder a year ago. We also visited campesino communities. This is an article by a delegation participant from our Chicago partners in solidarity with Honduras, CRLN. 

    “Made in the U.S.A”: CNTC Land Recuperation Efforts Hurt by U.S. “Security” Aid
    Reflections by Sharon Hunter-Smith, Chicago Religious Leadership Network on Latin
  69. For over six years, without fail, AlaMesa has released a weekly bulletin that reaches the mailboxes of users with information about new establishments, culinary experiences, help-wanted announcements, etc

  70. Andy Díaz impressed with a personal best of 17.40 meters in the men’s triple jump, while Yaimé Pérez’s 65.57 meter throw in the discus event was the most outstanding achievement among female athletes

  71. Cuba's dark rum factory, located in the municipality of San José de las Lajas, Mayabeque province, is undertaking new investments to expand its plant and thus increase production of Havana Club Internacional S.A. (HCI) rums, present in over 120 countries

  72. A recurring theme over these days has been human rights, giving rise to media manipulations, and involving individuals who, from centers of power or paid by them, are making a veritable feast with the issue…

  73. In our days, hundreds of millions of people living without access to clean water, almost half of the world population has no access to sanitation facilities, 600 million children do not have adequate access to water, and millions of people die every year due to lack of water. The present situation is the result of capitalist mode of production, the uncontrollable industrial production and imperialist wars provoke serious problems for the environment and water deposits. For the WFTU the water is a public good, a valuable natural resource subject to absolute protection of its quantity and quality, which has to be provided with special care for the balanced satisfaction of the modern popular needs and for the maintenance of nature. The WFTU and the class oriented trade union movement...
  74. The 21st Meeting of National Coordinators of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) is scheduled to be held in El Salvador, March 23-24

  75. The opening in Cuba of a professional training center for the use of robotics in medical treatment is big news, considering that the criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on the country by the United States, more than half a century ago, makes it virtually impossible for the island to acquire the latest technology in this field

  76. Dear female colleagues, dear friends, Our presence here today, fills us with great joy and optimism about the future. We convey you here the warmest greeting of the World Federation of Trade Unions which represents 92 million workers in 126 different countries of the world. First of all, allow us to congratulate you about the subject that you have chosen; the slogan “Women’s Economic Empowerment in the Changing World of Work” stands as a realist necessity of our times. In parallel, for our trade union organization, the continuous improvement of the working women status is one of our main tasks. It’s true that the working woman has conquered a significant amount of labor, salary and social security rights during the past century. However, there is no doubt that all these rights had been...
  77. The Gdeim Izik Heroes have been tortured and are now facing life in prison—or worse.  Source: Chile’s Committee of Friendship with the Saharawi People / The Dawn News / March 20, 2017 On Monday, March 20, the trial —known as Gdeim Izik— against the Saharawi political prisoners of Rabat, Morocco, […]
  78. Opening yesterday, March 21, was the 2nd International Convention Cubagua 2017, in Havana's Convention Center

  79. A necessary historical, biographical, military atlas

  80. The British Peace Assembly (BPA) in association with the Marx Memorial Library (MML) is to hold its annual Bernal Peace Lecture at the MML (37a Clerkenwell Green, EC1R 0DU) Friday 24 March at 6.00 pm.

    • Entrance free
    • All welcome

      Dr Liz Payne of the BPA and Meirian Jump, archivist of the MML will discuss the contribution of J D Bernal to the struggle for peace and its contemporary significance, with particular reference to materials held in the Marx Memorial Library's unique 'Bernal Peace Library'

  81. The FISE published its new poster for the International Solidarity Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People on 30 March 2017
  82. This year’s edition, including dance, music, art, and literature, is dedicated to the Canary Islands

  83. This province, with so much history, culture, and beautiful landscapes has more to offer beyond its renowned beach resorts

  84. Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, President of Cuba's Councils of State and MInisters, sent a message of condolences to the nation facing severe natural disasters

  85. The offensive was carried out as a punitive action against the AFP’s elite Marine force that for several years now functioned as paid guard dogs protecting the destructive enterprises of landgrabber bourgeois- comprador David Consunji, especially his open-pit mining David M. Consunji, Inc. (DMCI). The troops were conducting combat operation in Kalamansig against the NPA unit in the area.

    The post Red fighters hit Consunji-hired AFP Marines in Sultan Kudarat appeared first on NDFP.

  86. Dapat manatiling mataas ang diwang mapanlaban ng BHB at hawak ang inisyatiba laluna sa harap ng patuloy na pananalasa ng kaaway.

    The post Labanan ang todo-gera ng AFP, bigyang-daan ang usapang pangkapayapan appeared first on NDFP.

  87. According to two reports published by the World Health Organization, more than a quarter of all deaths of children under the age of 5 years are due to pollution and unsanitary conditions.
    The figure is overwhelming. Each year, 1.7 million children under the age of 5 die because of pollution or lack of proper sanitation. So says the sad results of two reports by the World Health Organization (WHO), published yesterday. The first, entitled "Don't pollute my future! The impact of the (...)

    - World / , ,
  88. Thumbing its nose at the agricultural pesticides lobby, a study conducted by INRA has shown that a decline in the use of chemical pesticides does not diminish farm yields.
    Reducing pesticide use without reducing agricultural productivity is possible, researchers at INRA (the French National Institute for Agricultural Research) have determined. In a study published earlier this week in the journal Nature Plants, the authors show that a reduction in the use of agricultural pesticides by a (...)

    - Science & Technology / ,
  89. A poll of voter intentions by Harris Interactive for France Télévision places Emmanuel Macron in the lead for the presidential election. While Fillon is slipping and Hamon and Mélenchon cancel each other out, some sections of the media seem to have adopted a strategy of promoting the En Marche! candidate.
    While François Fillon finds himself somewhat handicapped by the methods he used for years to make himself money, the television and its rolling news channels continue to suggest the (...)

    - Politics / , ,
  90. Members of the Fruit Cooperatives Movement met in Ciego de Ávila and reaffirmed their intention to expand production for the national market and export

  91. The National Democratic Front of the Philippines ñ Mindanao (NDFP-Mindanao) is one with the struggling Moro people in commemorating the 49th anniversary of the Jabidah Massacre. The Jabidah Massacre incident was the slaughter on March 18, 1968 of 28 to 64 young Moro men recruited for an operation to invade Sabah, Operation Merdeka.

    The post On the 49th year commemoration of the Jabidah Massacre appeared first on NDFP.

  92. In a recent video released by the NPA Comval-Davao Gulf Sub-Regional Command, Prisoners-of-War CAA Rene Doller and CAA Carl Mark Nucos assert that the Filipino masses, especially the poor Lumad and peasants living in the countryside, are suffering greatly in the face of the AFP’s all-out war against the revolutionary movement.

    The post Who are getting the worst end of GRP’s all-out war? appeared first on NDFP.

  93. 'The left and the labour movement must intervene in the debate around Brexit to put forward a working class perspective', Communist Party international secretary John Foster told the party's Political Committee on Wednesday evening (March 15).

  94. Rebel Youth presents a translation of a speech by Marianne Breton Fontaine on behalf of Young Communist League of Quebec (LJC-Q) on March 8th, International Women's Day, at a march in Montreal organized by Women of Diverse Origins.

    Hello everyone,

    As a comrade told me, there is not a single struggle, not a single social advance that has been won without the sacrifice and work of women. Yet they are constantly trying to erase us from history, to erase and ignore our demands, and to tell us to be patient.

    No! We are all entitled to...
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