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Peace demonstration of young communists in Rome. Photo: Partito ComunistaPeace demonstration of young communists in Rome. Photo: Partito ComunistaThe World Federation of Democratic Youth condemns the missile attacks of the USA against Syria targets on 6th of April. This attack is an additional act on the aggressiveness that the people of Syria faces during the last years. It is an attack that culminates the imperialist intervention in Syria and the region. The excuse of the alleged use of chemical weapons in Khan Sheikhoun town does not find reasonable ground since there is no evidence yet to prove the responsibility of the use of the chemical weapons.

The US bombing of Syria is the continuation of the previous US policies by a new administration now. It is obvious that the interventions and military invasion is something that NATO never abandoned from its plans. In first their imperialist agenda in the region, created, trained and financed the armed groups of “ISIS”. NATO and its allies since the very beginning of the war against Syria, they provided support to armed terrorist groups willing to destabilize peace in the region and to create the space for new interventions in sovereign states such as Syria.

The imperialist agenda of NATO aims the control of energy resources and transportation roots. The serving of imperialist benefits will result to the redrawing of the borders in the region with the peoples’ blood.

WFDY expresses its solidarity with the Syrian people and calls the youth of the World to join their voices with all the peace-movement forces of the world who seek a total end to foreign intervention and war against Syria. WFDY calls for a peaceful solution based on respect for the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Syria and the right of the people to choose the leadership and the future of their country.

Budapest, April 13, 2017

Source: WFDY on Facebook / RedGlobe

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