Tuesday, 20. March 2018

wftuIt is known all over the world that the USA, the European Union, Turkey and the Gulf monarchies have founded, financed and armed the ISIS. Their goal was dismembering Syria and founding new puppet states in order to steal the region’s wealth.

Today, with the USA bombings against Syria, the government of Trump continues the policy of the previous Presidents. Through these bombings, it supports the ISIS. It makes the situation even more dangerous for a generalized war.

The class-oriented trade union movement demands:

– The foreign troops to leave the Region

– To stop the imperialist intervention against Syria and the whole Middle East

– The wealth-producing resources of Syria belong to its people.

– The peoples of the Region are the only ones who have the right to decide freely and democratically on their present and future.

– to stop chemical weapons use by everybody

Source: WFTU / RedGlobe

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