Monday, 26. February 2018

SANADamascus, SANA-The army air defense confronted a new Israeli aggression on one of the military positions in the central area and hit more than one aircraft.

A military source told SANA that the Israeli enemy on Saturday dawn launched a new aggression against one of the military bases in the central area, and the army air defense confronted the aggression and hit more than one aircraft.

The source added that the Israeli enemy repeated its aggression on some positions in the southern area, and that the army air defense confronted the aggression and thwarted it.

The Israeli aggression came after the Army General Command announced that the Syrian Arab Army eradicated Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization and the groups affiliated to it from large areas in the pocket extending from the southeast of Khanaser in Aleppo countryside to the west of Sinjar in Idleb countryside to the north of al-Sa’an in Hama countryside.

Meanwhile, media of the Israeli enemy admitted that the Syrian air defense shot down an F-16 jet over Galilee in occupied Palestine and that its pilots were injured, confirming the closure of parts of the Israeli airspace for aviation after downing the warplane.

Sirens were heard at the settlements of the Israeli enemy as a state of panic prevailed among the settlers and shelters were opened, and all roads leading to the settlements north of the occupied territories were closed, according to sources from inside Palestine.

Source: SANA / RedGlobe

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