21 | 08 | 2019
As had been expected for months, Donald Trump, the US President, announced in a speech on Friday 13 October his administration’s new strategic approach towards the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Although Donald Trump was expected to address the issue of Iran's compliance under the JCPOA nuclear deal - that was signed between Iran and 5+1 countries in July 2015 - his words in fact comprehensively redefined the new strategy for the United States in terms of its future of relations with Iran, the balance of power in the Middle East, as well as how the United States will interact with the world including its European allies.

tudehWe reproduce the editorial article of »Nameh Mardom«, Central Organ of the Tudeh Party of Iran, No. 1029, published on 10 July 2017:

At a time when political developments are taking place at a rapid pace in the Middle East while imperialism and the regional reaction are hatching dangerous plans to change the political geography of the region, any kind of conflict and military clash around the borders of Iran - under any pretext whatsoever- will threaten the territorial integrity and stability of the country.

Tudeh Party of IranAs reported by the mass media, about 10:30am local time today in Iran, in a concurrent terrorist act, the area around Khomeini’s tomb near Tehran’s Behesht-e Zahra cemetery and the parliament building in the centre of Tehran were attacked. The statement of the Ministry of Interior Affairs about the terrorist event today reads: “Today, two terrorist teams simultaneously attacked the outskirts of the Late Imam’s tomb and the administration building of the Islamic Majlis [parliament] and tried to disrupt the security of the country by such blind terrorist acts.”

Tudeh Party of IranTudeh Party of IranThe presidential election in Iran is taking place today, 19 May. Although there are a lot of commentaries in the media both in Iran and internationally about the outcome of this election, one key point is clear and undisputed - that none of the opposition forces are allowed to take part in this election.

The candidates that have been approved and shortlisted are all from different factions of the ruling regime and thus the overall outcome of the election is a foregone conclusion, i.e. a candidate totally committed to continuing the same strategic direction of the theocratic regime will be appointed. The final “victor” of the election will be the one selected by Ayatollah Khamenei, the supreme religious leader, based on the judgement as to whether he is the one that the regime considers as having the key qualities to go on and secure its survival in the current complex situation both at home and internationally.

Tudeh Party of IranTudeh Party of IranAccording to reports currently circulating, as a result of a massive explosion deep within a coal mine in Golestan province, northern Iran, a large number of miners have been killed and others trapped and concerns are growing for their safety. So far, the death of 35 miners has been confirmed and 21 bodies have been recovered. Most of these miners have perished due to lack of oxygen. Reports indicate that the bodies recovered at this point are of those miners that went in after the explosion in an attempt to save their comrades already trapped at a depth of 1200 to 1800 meters underground. The Tudeh Party of Iran released a statement on Wednesday 3 May expressing concern that around 60 miners had been trapped within the deep tunnels of the privately owned North Western Zemestan Yurt Coalmine. The authorities locally have already confirmed that the mine lacked certain necessary safety equipment including that for the monitoring of the level of explosive gas build up within the complex. One miner has reported that the motor operating some of the machinery had already stopped owing to the gas build up but that the miners were told to continue with their work and restart the motor at which point the initial explosion occurred.

Tudeh Party of IranTudeh Party of IranThe Tudeh Party of Iran deems the escalation of the tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia to be against the interests of the people of Iran and the region.

Following the execution of Sheikh Nimr Baqr al-Nimr, the Saudi dissident Shiite cleric, by the Saudi authorities, the political and diplomatic relations of this country with Iran - which have already deteriorated in recent years - have now become very critical and increased the possibility of dangerous conflicts between the two countries.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani denounced terrorist acts of armed groups in Syria, Iraq and the region, and expressed his country’s support of Syria and Iraq in facing terrorism.

The Zionist entity was established on the basis of terrorism and the killing, and the region is now witnessing terrorist acts committed by terrorist organizations as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist ones which should be fought, Rouhani said in a speech at the opening of the 2nd International Congress of 17,000 Iranian Terror Victims held in Tehran Monday.

Communist Party of IsraelCommunist Party of IsraelApply Vienna Agreement to Israeli Nuclear Programme!

CPI welcomes the historic agreement on the Iranian nuclear programme, reached in Vienna.

This is a triumph of dialogue and negotiation over war and hostility, and a victory of the Iranian people in their struggle against imperialist intervention and for their right to develop nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. It is obviously also a clear failure of the incitement and intimidation policies of Netanyahu's.

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