10 | 12 | 2019

Once again Cuba, along the international community, left the United States (USA) isolated in the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization (UN), after obtaining 187 votes in favor of the draft resolution to end the blockade imposed for the American nation against the Caribbean island for 60 years.

Among the countries, only three nations voted against: the US, Israel and Brazil, while Colombia and Ukraine abstained.

During the Assembly there were 40 representatives of States of the world that expressed their support for the island, including the People’s Power Minister for Foreign Relations of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, who stressed that this American coercive measure constitutes a crime against humanity for its negative impacts on the Cuban population.

“Venezuela demands that the actions of economic and financial terrorism cease, as well as the unconventional warfare with lethal consequences against the people of Cuba and now also against the Venezuelan one (…) Only non-civilized ruling elites use economic asphyxiation as a weapon of mass destruction to impose their political preferences in sovereign countries. It is a criminal practice that fits into the category of crime against humanity”, said Thursday the People’s Power Minister for Foreign Relations, Jorge Arreaza, during his speech at the session of the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), in NY.

Within the framework of its 74th regular session, the multilateral organization presented and voted for the twenty-eighth time, the resolution, “Need to end the Economic, Commercial and Financial Blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba”, which obtained the approval of 187 member states.

Bruno RodríguezDeclaration to denounce the United States pressures to undermine the support of Latin American countries to the Cuban Draft Resolution against the economic, commercial and financial blockade suffered by its people.

I thank you deeply for your attendance. I have invited you to attend this meeting with the purpose of denouncing, before the International Public Opinion, that the State Department of the United States of America has been carrying out intensive actions of pressure and blackmail against UN member states to erode the voting pattern in support to the Draft Resolution of the UN General Assembly entitled “Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba”, which will be considered by said body on November 6 and 7.

This Friday, in the framework of the Anti-Imperialist Meeting of Solidarity for Democracy and against Neoliberalism, a tribune and a concert for Peace in Latin America was held in the community of Barbosa, Republic of Cuba.

The event was attended by delegates from different social movements, who took a tour to learn first-hand the experience of the popular organization in response to the criminal economic blockade imposed by the United States.

Given the current political situation hegemonized by the aggressive escalation of the government of President Donald Trump towards sovereign nations; From Havana, Cuba, an Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Meeting, for Democracy and Against Neoliberalism, is held in order to unify the left forces of Latin America to face the challenges posed by this wave of attacks.

In this context, representatives of the various participating countries, expressed their support and solidarity with Venezuela, in the face of the various attacks that the United States Government has faced.

With the presence of prominent personalities from Latin America and the world, the panel ‘Challenges of the left took place in the current world scenario against the anti-imperialist offensive’, in the Habana, Cuba, as part of the activities contemplated in the Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Meeting , for Democracy and against Neoliberalism that runs until November 3.

The panel of experts was made up of the Argentine political scientist, Atilio, Borón; the Brazilian psychologist and feminist, Nalú Faria, the general secretary of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Peoples of Our America (ALBA-TCP), David Choquehuanca; the MEP for the Communist Party of Spain, Manuel Pineda; the American activist, Gloria Larriba; and the Saharawi minister for Latin America and the Caribbean, Omar Mansur; among others, who insisted on the existence of a cultural and media offensive by the right.

Fidel Castro in Rio de Janeiro. Screenshot: YoutubeFidel Castro in Rio de Janeiro. Screenshot: YoutubeSpeech given by Commander in Chief at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. Rio de Janeiro, June 12, 1992

An important biological species is endangered due to the accelerated and progressive destruction of its natural living conditions: man.

We are becoming aware of this problem only now when it is almost too late to tackle it.

It is worthwhile indicating that the main responsibility for the brutal destruction of the environment lies with the consumer societies. They are the offspring of the old colonial metropolises and of imperialist policies that also begot the poverty and backwardness which are today the scourge of the overwhelming majority of humanity.

The Anti-imperialist Meeting of Solidarity, for Democracy and against Neoliberalism will take place in Havana from November 1 to 3 of this year, organized by the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), Central Organization of Cuban Trade Unions (CTC), along with the Cuban Chapter of Social Movements and the Continental Conference for Democracy and against Neoliberalism.

The meeting in Havana expresses the Cuban Revolution´s decision to respond to the demand of the political, social left-wing and the Solidarity Movement with Cuba that our country continues to be a meeting point of the peoples struggles in our continent.

This statement was approved by DSA’s National Political Committee (NPC).

Democratic Socialists of America stands in solidarity with the people of Cuba and categorically opposes the U.S. economic blockade imposed on Cuba by the United States and its allies, as mandated by our 2019 Convention Resolution 62.

U.S. political and economic policies vis-à-vis Cuba have had a devastating effect on the Cuban people and have hindered the development of ties of solidarity between citizens of our countries. We stand opposed to U.S. imperialism and to economic sanctions or other actions that would undermine the self-determination of the Cuban people. We also oppose the continued existence of the U.S. Naval Base at Guantánomo Bay.

Comrade First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee, Army General Raul Castro Ruz,
Comrade Lazo,
Comrade Rodriguez,
Dr Eusebio Leal,
Colleague Foreign Minister of the Republic of The Gambia Mamadou Tangara,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great honour and privilege for me to visit the National Capitol building, which was designed by architects from Havana, Evelio Govantes and Félix Cabarrocas. This building is highly symbolic for the Cuban statehood and the people of Cuba, embodying the continuity of eras and generations. It is here that the tomb of an unknown independence fighter who fought for the freedom of his homeland is located, a sacred place for every Cuban. It is the seat of Cuba’s National Assembly of People’s Power, which seeks effective solutions for ensuring the steady advancement of Cuba’s socioeconomic development.

My dear Bruno,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

The talks that we have held were very rich in content. We carried out a 360-degree review of the strategic relations between Russia and Cuba, primarily in the context of the agreements of principle that were reached during Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez’s visit to Moscow in November 2018.

As Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla has said, we had a meeting in May 2019 in Moscow. These regular contacts reflect our commitment to further stepping up our relations in all areas without exception.

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