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The Party for Socialism and Liberation (USA) published an article on the recent developments in Nicaragua.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation (USA) published an article on the recent developments in Nicaragua. Highlighting the false narrative by the corporate U.S. media that portrays the events as a popular uprising against the “dictatorship” of Daniel Ortega and the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) in Nicaragua, the article states that it is the U.S. empire that is behind the recent effort to destabilize and remove from power a popular left-wing government that stands up for the country’s independence.

The assasination attempt of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro Moros was condemned by communist and workers' parties expressing their solidarity with the Venezuelan people. (updated)

The Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) issued a declaration expressing solidarity with President Maduro and with the military personnel wounded in the attack. The declaration by the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of PCV stated that the attack is part of the action being carried out by ultra-right sectors, ‘not belonging to any country, at the service of imperialism, which in the development of its recolonizing plan has unleashed wars of aggression and looting that have destroyed, devastated, divided and destroyed entire countries to maintain, recompose and strengthen its global hegemony.’ According to the declaration, the assassination attempt is a part of the ‘multifaceted onslaught of the imperialist powers and their regional and local partners to overthrow a government legitimately elected by the Venezuelan people, through actions and political, economic, social, military and media aggressions’.

friedenstaubeThe World Peace Council condemns in the most vehement way the attempt for assasination of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro, which constitutes a coward act of the forces which are trying since some time to destabilize the country ,its economy and elected government. The WPC denounces to the peace loving people of the world the foreign interference and the sponsoring of an economic war expressed in many ways including violent actions of forces with dubious agenda.

wfdy 148The World Federation of Democratic Youth condemns the assassination attempt against the president of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro and every foreign intervention in the country. President #Maduro was speaking at a military event in Caracas when drones armed with explosives detonated near him.

The World Federation of Trade Unions condemns the assassination attempt against Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro that took place in Caracas, Venezuela during his public speech at a military event.

Statement of the International Section of the Workers Party of Ireland

65 years ago, on 26th July 1953, a small band of courageous Cuban revolutionaries stormed the Moncada Barracks in the city of Santiago, in Eastern Cuba. Though that uprising did not overthrow the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, it was the beginning of a movement, the 26th of July Movement, that changed Cuba and reverberated around the world.

In a celebration of the event in 1960, Fidel Castro said that 26th July 1953, “was the culmination of the effort of a group of young people full of ideals that were launched towards an unequal and difficult struggle.”

The Communist Party of Uruguay issued a Resolution discussing recent imperialist provocations and the ways to consolidate the Frente Amplio in Uruguay.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Uruguay (PCU) unanimously approved the Political Resolution discussed in CC meeting held on June 16 and 17. The CC session commemorated CC members César Brien and Omar González who had passed away after the last CC meeting in March. César Brien was the former General Secretary of PCU at Maldonado Department and had been imprissioned during the fascist regime. Omar González was a member of the Secretariat of PCU at Montevideo and member of the direction of the municipal workers union who died in a labour accident.

Communist Party of Mexico (PCM) sees a recomposition of the bourgeois hegemony in Obrador's election for presidency.

After Andrés Manuel López Obrador declared his victory in the federal elections in Mexico, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Mexico issued a declaration on July 4. Despite Obrador's demagogic discourse of "national unity" - which is supposed to transcend class antagonisms as an "inter-class" option - the PCM underlines that the power of the monopolies is assured by this result and that the bourgeois class dictatorship will continue.

The overwhelming electoral victory of Andrés Manuel López Obrador in the presidential elections in Mexico, is a firm statement from the people of that brotherly country of their desire to make a great change of course through politics and ballot boxes. It is about eradicating the scourges that Mexicans have long suffered, particularly from decades of the application of neoliberal policies that comes with corruption, inequality and social injustice, poverty, the denial of rights for native peoples, unbridled violence, the surrender of its foreign policy and the riches of the country.

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