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Progressive Party of the Working People of Cyprus Progressive Party of the Working People of Cyprus AKEL is monitoringwith deep concern the developments in Turkey that followed the failed coup d’état on 15th July. On the pretext of purgingthe putchists from the public domain, and in parallel with the brutal treatment of soldiers who participated in the coup d’état, the Erdogan government is relentlessly proceedingto a witch hunt in various directions. Civil servants, journalists, academics, trade unions and parties of the Left are subject to a medieval persecution which is dismantlingevery notion of democracy in whose name these actions are supposedly taking place. These actions have already been denounced by many sides.

firFor months, the International Federation of Resistance Fighters (FIR) - Association of Anti-fascists and its member federations follows with great concern the political development in Turkey. It was already visible that the government under President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan started on one hand an increasingly expansionist policy with the support of IS troops in Syria, on the other hand domestically he practices a restriction of democratic freedoms, particularly freedom of the press. Nevertheless, Erdoğan was chosen by the EU administration in spring 2016 as a helper in the refugee question, he should solve the problem of the influx of migrants to Europe - rewarded with 3 billion euros.

DİSKWe reproduce the statement of the chair of the Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions of Turkey (DİSK), Kani Beko, on the state of emergency declared in Turkey:

In the wake of the 15 July coup attempt, a three-month state of emergency was declared all over Turkey in accordance with “suggestions” from the National Security Council.

Declaring a state of emergency following a coup attempt that aimed to completely suspend democracy will solve none of the country’s problems but only serve to realize the system of governance envisioned by the coup plotters.

People's Democratic PartyFive days after the coup attempt on 15th of July, the NSC and Council of Ministers declared a state of emergency in the country. This step shows the coup attempt might have been blocked, but the desire to rule the country with coup-like, authoritative mentality is not.

In this period Turkey will be ruled by Decree-laws against the constitution, the Council of Ministers will be chaired by the President, the jurisdiction of governors will be increased, and vital universal and democratic human rights will be violated while the Turkish Presidential System will be imposed without restraint. Thus, the coup attempt has become a tool and opportunity for the government to purge all opposition and limit democratic rights and freedom.

World Federation of Trade UnionsThe World Federation of Trade Unions expresses solidarity with the people of Turkey and support to the members and friendly organizations of WFTU in Turkey.

The members and friends of WFTU in Turkey, all the militant trade unions in the country are struggling under difficult conditions. They have to confront the antipeople’s and antilabour policies of the Government of AKP, they have to confront the reactionary, undemocratic practices of the bourgeoisie.

The Turkish government agency, The Telecommunication Department of the Information Technologies and Communication Institution imposed a censure on all news on the beheading of Turkish soldiers on the Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge. Sendika.org had published the news and the pictures of a solder with the ruling AKP sympathizer Jihadists killing the private while screaming, “Allah is great!”

The incident occurred after an unsuccessful coup attempt by some sections of the Turkish army on July 16, 2016.  The soldiers, not even knowing what they were doing and who were told they were participating in a drill, were ordered by their officers to stand guard at the foot of the bridge with their tanks.  The officers were actually taking part in the failed coup attempt.

EMEPOn the night on 15 July, Turkey witnessed a take-over of some critical points in two major cities by soldiers. The plotters took over the headquarters of the Turkish Armed Forces General Staff and the Gendarmerie General Command, an air base and Istanbul Atatürk Airport. The Chief Commanders of the armed forces were detained. Fighter Jets were flying low over cities and later, joined by helicopters, bombed certain targets including TBMM (Turkish Parliament Building), the vicinity of the headquarters of the General Staff and Special Forces Command.

Without enough preparation and power, the plotters, perhaps forced to act by the circumstances and possibly abandoned by sections of the armed forces that pledged support, arrived at a dead end within a matter of hours.

WikileaksToday, 11pm Anakara Time, WikiLeaks releases part one of the AKP Emails. AKP, or the Justice & Development Party, is the ruling party of Turkey and is the political force behind the country's president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Part one of the series covers 762 mail boxes beginning with 'A' through to 'I' containing 294,548 email bodies together with many thousands of attached files. The emails come from "akparti.org.tr", the AKP's primary domain. The most recent was sent on July 6, 2016. The oldest dates back to 2010. It should be noted that emails associated with the domain are mostly used for dealing with the world, as opposed to the most sensitive internal matters.

Communist Party, Turkey1.  July 15th coup attempt has not brought ideologically conflicting centers subject to each other, but involved at least two and even more state cliques, which have identical class identities and ideologies. It is not possible that these cliques would be totally unaware of each other's plans and actions just like it is being impossible to dissociated them. However the attempt on 15th of July is not a bloody scenario totally planned by Erdoğan as some claimed so, but is a real coup attempt.

Communist PartyThe Communist Party is calling on our people to organize in the Party's ranks against the enemies of the people and humanity. The liberation is in our own hands.

We do not have all the details of what happened during the coup attempt that took place in Turkey in the hours between July 15 and July 16.

However, we know very well that plans that are supported by foreign forces, that do not take its power from the working class can not defeat AKP darkness and solve Turkey's problems.

People's Democratic PartyPeople's Democratic PartyWe reproduce a statement of the left, pro-kurdish People's Democratic Party (HDP):

In this challenging and critical days which Turkey goes through, whatever its reason might be, no one should put himself in the place of the people’s will.

The HDP is opposed to any kind of coup under any circumstances and as a principle.

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