Saturday, 19. January 2019

A large popular demonstration invaded the streets of the capital to claim “Nationalizations here and now”.

The event, organized by the Unione Sindacale di Base – to inaugurated the “International Week of Fight against privatizations” called by TUI PS&A to which other political and social groups have joined.

March of the red caps, full adhesion to the strike of the USB laborers.

The agricultural workers of Foggia joined the strike proclaimed by the USB after the two massacres of labourers, which claimed 16 lives in 48
hours. No one is at work in the fields around the ghetto of Rignano, in the town of San Severo, the heart of the protest, from where at 8 am the march of red berets headed to the prefecture of Foggia.

Twenty thousand from all over Italy responded to the appeal of the USB for a major demonstration against inequality. A mixed, combative and colourful procession, opened by the banner with the slogan “before the exploited”, moved from Piazza della Repubblica, delayed by almost two hours due to the police checks ordered by Interior Minister Salvini, with coaches from the various regions subjected to any kind of search.

Marco Rizzo, the GS of the Partito Comunista, made a brief comment on the Italian rejection of the rescue ship Aquarius.

On June 10, Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini declared his refusal to accept the rescue ship Aquarius in Italian ports by claiming, "Saving lives is a duty, turning Italy into a huge refugee camp is not." The Aquarius had picked up 629 migrants mainly from the Sub-Saharan Africa from small boats sailing from Libya to Italy. Whereas the overcrowded Aquarius remained running out of provision at sea between Malta and Sicily, it has been eventually the new Spanish Government which offered to receive the vessel. Salvini, known for his populist anti-immigration policies, declared victory after Spain's offer. On the other hand, it must be noted that Spain lacks the necessary resources and infrastructure to cope with the migration crisis in the long term.

Usb Logistics and the porters Leroy Merlin were right: the head of the Premium Net consortium and 5 of its employees were arrested


WFTU trade unions supported our struggles bringing our fight and our protest also in their countries in front of Leroy Merlin shops.

PAME, which represents the class trade union movement of Greece, expresses its solidarity and support to the USB Italy and the workers of Leroy Merlin, who are exploited through the "caporalato" method.

The multinationals exploit workers in all countries with similar ways. This why it is very important to support and multiply common initiatives of the workers in Multinationals such as Leroy Merlin.

Not only the cooperatives that provide manpower to Leroy Merlin do not guarantee the respect of the con-tract and the minimum rights -layoffs are daily and the replacement is very high, just workers try to raise the head – but they change continuously name and fiscal code to escape the labour inspectors in order to con-tinue undisturbed to violate the rules governing wages, regular contributions, and the protection of health in plants. In this often helped by complacent unions.

PAME denounces the provocative persecution of union leaders of USB Italy, for their protests following the murder of a worker by employers in 2016.

On 14 September 2016 Abd El Salam, a migrant worker and a member of USB was assassinated during a strike. USB immediately proceeded to mobilizations, while PAME, the World Federation of Trade Unions and trade unions from all over the world expressed their support for the Italian workers' struggle.

Communist Party of Italy (PC) released a statement regarding the election on 4th of March,

The Communist Party of Italy (Partito Comunista, PC) released a statement in the aftermath of the 2018 general elections, where no political group or party won an outright majority and resulted in a hung parliament.

The election took place concurrently with the Lombard and Lazio regional elections. According to the final results, the centre-right alliance won a plurality of seats in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Senate, while the Five Star Movement led by Luigi Di Maio became the party with the largest number of votes and the centre-left coalition came third.

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