Tuesday, 20. March 2018

National strike was carried out on Wednesday, March 14, by the National Federation of Construction Workers, for the signing of a Sectoral Collective Agreement, with increases in wages and salaries, measures for the protection of the unemployed and the resumption of constructions, with priority popular needs. The strike reached participation and stoppage of work in Construction sites 100%.

Photos from Strike demonstration in Athens:


Raise In Wages And Pensions!

With Collective Agreements!

What you should know about Collective Labor Agreements

The Collective Labor Agreement is the written agreement between the trade unions of workers and the employers, which defines the conditions of payment and labor, as well as the rights and obligations of the two parties.

The Class Unions and National Federations that rally with PAME organize daily actions for the signing of Collective Contracts with better wages and restoration of rights.

All over Greece unions organize their activities under the Campaign called by PAME

Raises In Wages and Pensions-No Worker Under Minimum Wage-Now Collective Contracts!”

In this context many Unions and Federations have called for militant actions and strikes in many sectors.

The working people of the Greek part of Macedonia declared their decision to escalate the struggle against the imperialist plans and dangers that they are bringing for the peoples of our country and the wider region, defying the rain and participating in mass and combative way in the large rally of the Central Macedonia Party Organization of the KKE in Thessalonica (6/3/2018).
The central speaker at the rally was the GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, who presented the positions of the party on the developments in the Balkans, the Middle East, Greco-Turkish relations and the Cyprus issue, after the escalation of the aggressiveness of Turkey.

The Telecom and IT Workers Union of Athens (SETIP), member of PAME and WFTU, condemns the event to “advertise” the role of NATO in Greece.

 The Greek Association for Atlantic & European Cooperation is organizing in Athens an event titled The NATO you might not know – security and defense beyond the old basicson Friday 2nd of March with NATO’s Deputy Secretary-General.

The barbarous anti-workers face of the European Union, of its laws and regulations, has been revealed once again, through the latest decision of the European Court of Justice that legalizes all dismissals, even those of pregnant women.

The European Court of Justice (CJEU), in one of its recent decisions concerning the layoff of a pregnant worker of the Spanish firm “Bankia” in 2013, which took place under the status of mass layoffs, decided that her dismissal was “legal”, despite her pregnancy.

Riot Police in Athens responded with violent assault using chemicals and striking a trade union protest of PAME against auctioning off of people’s homes on February 28.

In the center of Athens it was planned to hold an electronic auction. When a delegation of workers gathered outside the building and asked to meet with the officials, the forces of the Riot Police who were at that moment coming from an adjacent point attacked violently by using chemicals against to all those who were protesting.

Dear friends,

Dear Brothers And Sisters Of The Workers' House Of Iran

On behalf of the class unions of Greece, PAME, we express our solidarity with the workers and the people of Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, of all those who suffer the brutal attack of imperialism.

Dear brothers and sisters,

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On Tuesday 27th of February, the Attica Organization of the KKE held a large rally in Syntagma Sq., outside the Greek Parliament, with Dimitris Koutsoumpas, GS of the CC of the KKE, as its main speaker.

He presented the positions of the party on the developments in the Balkans, Middle East, Greco-Turkish relations and the Cyprus Issue, after the escalation of the aggressiveness of Turkey.
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