Wednesday, 20. March 2019

On Tuesday, February 26, PAME held a Press Conference for the Developments in the Greek Trade Union Movement.

The Press Conference was held at the city of Kalamata, where is to take place the 37th Congress of the GSEE and started with the question.

The procedure for the confirmation of the delegates at the 37th GSEE Congress confirms the estimation of PAMEthat this is not a Workers’ Congress!

The practices followed by the GSEE leadership (PASKE, DAKE, SYRIZA, Vassilopoulos Group) in the elections of the unions have nothing to do with the collective processes and the real participation of the workers. ELECTION FRAUD IS HORRIFYING.

On Thursday, February 21, workers of Municipalities held a National Strike and Demonstrations all over Greece.

Main demand of the strike was the protection of the benefit to municipality workers for Dangerous and Unhealthy Work, a benefit that the Government wants to abolish. It is in this sector where the workers have suffered dozens of “work accidents” with more than 50 workers killed in the workplaces the last years.

«Stop the crime – Close the hot spot now. Unblock Refugees and Immigrants. Not in the downgrading of Healthcare «. With this motto, dozens of trade unions, professional associations, women’s and students’ organizations people of all ages participated in the mobilization and the strike on the island of Samos.

PAME stands by the side of the poor farmers who struggle against poverty and misery imposed by the Government-EU and Business Groups.

The class workers’ movement denounces the unprecedented governmental operation of intimidation and repression against the struggling farmers.

The Regional Trade Union Centre of Samos (island in the Aegean Sea close to Turkey) decided a 24-hour strike on Thursday, February 7th, in the island of Samos, highlighting that the SYRIZA government is systematically lying and is indifferent towards the humanitarian crime, which, with the government’s tolerance, takes place on the island.

A massive protests at the Ministries of Labor and Migration Policy, as well as at the Embassy of Bangladesh, was organized on Tuesday, January 8, 2019, immigrant land workers from the area of Nea Manoloda, in Southern Greece.

Dozens of migrants, most of whom lived in a camp that was burned last June, traveled by buses from the region to Athens, expressing their determination to fight against the miserable living and work conditions they face.

On Thursday 27th of December, the union of workers in the telecoms and IT sector of Athens along with workers of Teleperformance gathered at the headquarters of the company, in order to denounce the 200 layoffs that the company announced. At the same time, Teleperformance is also sacking trade unionists. 

The trade union called for the cancellation of the layoffs and calls for struggle against the intimidation and the persecution of trade unionists. 


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)

Two weeks ago, mobilizations were organized in Greece through anonymous appeals with nationalist and irredentist slogans spread in schools. The Secretary of the Central Council of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE), Nikos Abatielos wrote an article for a Greek newspaper, in which he declared that the efforts of various fascists failed thanks to the determined position of the students. Organizing student mobilizations with the participation of tens of thousands of students under the slogan, "We fight for our rights in education and life. No to the Tsipras-Zaev agreement. All fascists out of our schools. NATO out of Greece and the Balkans,” KNE played a key role in the isolation of the fascists, whose plans eventually failed.

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