Saturday, 27. May 2017

World Federation of Trade UnionsThe World Federation of Trade Unions representing 92 million workers in the 5 continents supports the demands of the ground staff at Berlin airports.

The workers at Berlin airports demand through their yesterday’s strike salary increase. The ground staff of Berlin airports faces significant workload. During the 2016 the workload had increased by 11% caused by the proportional increase of the passengers using Berlin airports.

German Communist Party»With Herbert Mies, I lost a friend and political father. The German Communist Party lost a working class politician of the working class who has shaped it for decades. German imperialism lost an opponent who has shown the way to resist this system«, Patrik Köbele, Chairman of the German Communist Party (DKP), said on Monday. »The DKP, led by Herbert Mies, was a party that was both on the side of the German Democratic Republic and a driving force in the West German peace movement.

It was a party that could win intellectuals and artists because it focused on factories and in the workers' living quarters. It was a Marxist-Leninist party, that was in contact to the masses of the working class. This is the road of todays DKP - Herbert Mies is a model for us,« Köbele noted.

German communists at the traditional Luxemburg Liebknecht demonstration in Berlin. Photo: RedGlobeGerman communists at the traditional Luxemburg Liebknecht demonstration in Berlin. Photo: RedGlobeIf one thing can be said for the German Communist Party (DKP), it’s that it sticks to its principles. The DKP was the communist party that operated in West Germany in the years when the country was split between East and West. Although the old East German ruling party – the Socialist Unity Party (SED) – and a variety of left social democrats and other progressive groups have long since come together in the Left Party (Die Linke), the DKP prefers to keep an independent profile.

“Our belief is that we need to maintain a Marxist-Leninist party with a clear goal of socialism,” said Patrik Köbele, the president of the DKP, when he was interviewed by People’s World last week at the 20th Congress of the Portuguese Communist Party in Lisbon. “We have supported many Die Linke candidates in elections all over Germany, but we feel that their aim is too much in only a parliamentary direction. We believe in the need to focus on the direct needs of working people – fighting with them on all the issues and mobilizing demonstrations whenever we can.”

Demonstration against the ban of KPD in Karlsruhe. Photo: FacebookDemonstration against the ban of KPD in Karlsruhe. Photo: FacebookOn Saturday, 10th of September, 250 members and friends of the German Communist Party (DKP) demonstrated in Karlsruhe, seat of the Federal Constitutional Court, and demanded to lift the ban on the Communist Party of Germany (KPD). 60 years ago, the Constitutional Court had banned KPD because it organized resistance against the remilitarisation of the Federal Republic planned by chancellor Konrad Adenauer. At the demonstration, MP Karin Binder („Die Linke“) demanded to lift the ban on KPD. A representative of the persecuted Communist Party of Ukraine (KPU) participated in the demonstration.

This week UNI affiliates ver.di and Solidarnosc organised cross border strikes in Poland and Germany at Amazon warehouses across both countries. After ver.di called for strikes in the Amazon warehouses in Leipzig, Bad Hersfeld, Rheinberg and Werne, the walkouts began last night with workers leaving their nightshifts. The strike will end on May 3.

A group of around 60 workers has traveled from Bad Hersfeld and Leipzig to Wroclaw, joining an action by Polish Amazon employees. Joining members of Solidarnosc, German Amazon workers showed their solidarity with Polish workers striking for better wages and working conditions. In Poland, the vast majority of Amazon workers earn only 3.50 Euros an hour.

wftuOn the occasion of the strike today, on the 27th of April 2016, of ground crews, check-in staff, repair workers and the fire department at airports in Germany, the World Federation of Trade Unions and its 92 million members around the world extend our solidarity to your struggle.

German Communist PartyGerman Communist PartyAccording to the soL news portal, the German Communist Party (DKP) declared that it has ended is observer status at the Party of European Left (EL) by a decision at its  21st Congress. The reason of the termination of the observer status is said to be EL's approval of the EU system, which communists struggle to overcome. »EL had also approved a protective responsibility for the military interventions to countries violating human rights, in the past« stated the decision.

#ausnahmslosWe reproduce here an appeal, issued by many German and International women as reaction on the sexually attacks occured at New Year's Eve:

On the night of New Year’s Eve, numerous women were sexually attacked in public spaces in Cologne and other German cities.. These crimes demand thorough and comprehensive investigations. The prevailing impunity regarding crimes of sexualised violence must end.

We demand that the survivors receive the best possible care and support. We are in solidarity with those who have experienced sexualised violence and harassment.

The German Communist Party formed a strong block in the demonstration. Foto: RedGlobeThe German Communist Party formed a strong block in the demonstration. Foto: RedGlobe

More than 250.000 persons demonstrated today in Berlin against the Transatlantic Free Trade Treaty TTIP between the European Union and the United States, and against a similary treaty between the EU and Canada (CETA). The protest was organized by several trade unions, ecologist groups, defenders of consumer rights and political parties. One of the organizers, Christoph Bautz of the citizen movement Campact, talked about »the greatest demonstration in this country for many years«.

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