Saturday, 19. January 2019

Today, on December the 14th, the WFTU affiliates all over the globe reiterated their internationalist solidarity in practice with the fighting French people and workers.

Class-oriented trade unionists, pioneer workers from every sector protested in front of French embassies and consulates across the five continents, against the anti-people measures imposed by the bourgeois Macron government.

The Pole of Communist Revival in France (PRCF) congratulated the citizens of France in 'yellow vests' who managed to force back President Macron, labelled as 'even more anti-popular, euro-aligned and oligarchic than the arrogant Sarkozy'. The PRC asserted that Macron, compared to Sarkozy 'at least pretends to learn that in face of popular insurrection he has to make certain concessions, even though some are in form of poisoned gifts ... The fight pays when it is conducted with determination and it sweeps away from the bogus pseudo-social dialogue and the European formatting in which the trade union confederations.' The PRC criticized the confederation CGT (Confederation of Labour) ‘whose zigzags and the follow-up towards the pro-employer CFDT (French Democratic Confederation of Labour) put it on the doorstep of an unprecedented crisis even though many activist structures of the CGT demand a general social offensive in the spirit of class unionism.

Today, on December 13th, militant trade unionists from the WFTU and its Greek affiliate, PAME, launched the International Solidarity activities with the people and workers of France who have been struggling against EU, IMF, World Bank policies, implemented by the Macron anti-people government.

The Unionists were gathered early in the morning at the gate of the French Embassy in Athens, shouting against the anti-workers measures in France. The WFTU condemns the attitude of the French Ambassador in Greece who refused to open the gate and receive the delegation.

During the past weeks, France is experiencing a situation that makes the world wonder about the future of the country. Despite the focus of the media on the purely fiscal aspect of the #ΥellowVests movement there are much more fundamental elements which are not even mentioned in the news.

FranceWe received an interesting analysis of the Yellow Jackets movement in France:

The situation here in France is not very different from the situation in other european union countries. The major difference is our reactions. For the moment at leas,t we do not vote for extreme right wing parties as in Italy, Hungary, Poland, UK, and to a lesser extent Germany too.

For the past week, there have been militant “yellow vest” protests in the streets of Paris and other cities over increased fuel taxes and other government policies seen as hurting the working class.  In response to the protests, the French Communist Party has called on the Macron government to resign.  Communist deputies in the French parliament are asking socialist and other progressive legislators to join their call for a no-confidence vote.  The French CP on  November 20, elected journalist and parliamentarian Fabien Roussel  as its new National Secretary.  He succeeds Pierre Laurent, who has been the National Secretary since 2010.

The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) expresses its solidarity with the workers and people of France who are fighting against the policy of high prices and excessive taxation of the French government and at the same time are protesting against the anti-labor policies of the European Union and the IMF. The international class-oriented trade union movement joins its voice to that of the working youth in France, with the homeless, the unemployed, the new-poor, immigrants for a world without capitalist exploitation.

The 38th Congress of the French Communist Party (PCF) was held on November 23-25 in Ivry, where Fabien Roussel became the new National Secretary. Roussel presented the new logo of the Party, which does not contain a reference to hammer and sickle, the traditional symbol of the communist parties, but is based on the figure of a red star.

Last weekend, near half a million protestors took to the streets of France for protesting the increase in fuel prices under the pretext of "green taxes". Protestors were called "Yellow Vests" because they wore high-visibility jackets that all motorists are legally obliged to carry in their vehicles. Rallies and route blockades were organized via the internet without the direct involvement of trade-unions and rapidly became a revolt of rage against the "president of the rich", Emmanuel Macron. During the manifestations, more than 400 people were injured, more than 300 were arrested and a woman was killed by an angry driver forcing its way through protestors.

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