27 | 06 | 2019

Statement of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Russian Federation (CPRF)

It is almost a month since a large group of the Russian State Duma deputies sent letters  to the President of the Russian Federation, the Prosecutor General of the RF, the Chairman of the Supreme Court of Russia calling for an end to an attempt at a hostile takeover of the Lenin Collective Farm. The letter cited numerous gross violations of the law on the part of the law-enforcement bodies and the courts in the Moscow Oblast aimed at making short shrift of the collective farm and its head. We have still not received any official answers to these letters. This is absolutely not normal.

To the Central Committee of the Progressive  Party of Working People of Cyprus (AKEL)

Dear comrades,

It is with a feeling of profound grief that we have learnt about the death of Dimitris Christofias.

The heart of an ardent champion of the ideals of socialism, a true Communist and Man has stopped beating. From his early youth and until his last minute Dimitris Christofias has been a loyal son of his Country and of his people. As the leader of the United Democratic Youth Organisation  of Cyprus (EDON), General Secretary of the CC of the Progressive Party of Working People of Cyprus (AKEL), Chairman of Parliament, and the country’s President Dimtris Christofias has been unstintingly dedicated to his ideals committing all his strength towards achieving his life’s goals – improvement of the life of the working people, the struggle for the freedom and reunification of his Motherland, for justice and equality, the country’s prosperity and enhancement of its standing in the world.

redstarThe ruling AKP's mayoral candidate for Istanbul, Binali Yıldırım, admitted election defeat, in a recent statement he made. Yıldırım stated that CHP candidate Ekrem Imamoğlu was leading the election. He congratulated İmamoğlu.

The official results are not published yet. The first unofficial results coming to the news agencies showed a big difference between the two major rivals in Istanbul rerun. According to the results, CHP's İmamoglu wins 53.72% of the votes, while AKP's Yıldırım wins 45.37%. The turnout rate is 84.42 percent, out of 10.570.222 voters. In March 31 elections, İmamoğlu won %48.77, while Yıldırım won %48.61.

Communist Party campaigners hit the streets in the Rhondda Ward of Rhondda Cynon Taf (RCT) County Borough Council at the weekend.

They were leafleting in Hopkinstown and Maesycoed for the party's candidate Adrian Dumphy in a forthcoming by-election caused by the sudden death of Labour councillor Rob Smith.

After three days Ende Gelände is ending a mass action against coal mining. More than 6,000 people blocked key places of the RWE’s mining operations in the Rhineland coalfield. Since Friday activists occupied tracks which are the supply line of Germany’s biggest power plant Neurath. Yesterday thousands of activists entered the Garzweiler mine and stopped coal excavators. At the same time as Ende Gelände actions were happening, about 8,000 people joined a demonstration by NGOs and local initiatives in solidarity with villages threatened by coal mining. On Friday, 40,000 students marched on a climate strike in Aachen. Ende Gelände demands an immediate coal-phase out and fundamental system change. 

The following speech is from the general secretary of the Connolly youth movement at the communist party summer school in Benburb

Comrades, old and new.

It is and has always been in the interest of every movement in history to reach out to the young people within their communities and politicize them. Our task here in Ireland is no different. As a member of the Connolly Youth Movement for four years, I have contributed to an on-going discussion on the strategies, tactics and approaches needed to politicize, organise and capture the imagination of young people. We made mistakes and we have tried again, from these mistakes and the collision of our ideas being put into practice in our conditions we have drawn conclusions and from those conclusions learnt more innovative and interesting methods of succeeding. This is one small element that I think has been refreshing for many people who join – not simply an admission of making errors, but our collective ownership and learning of these errors to the benefit of our organisation.

Activists have cut off Germany’s largest coal power station from coal supply. Several hundreds of activists of the anti-coal alliance Ende Gelände have been blocking the coal rail tracks leading to power station Neurath, in Rhineland, for more than 15 hours. The activists have spent the night on the tracks.

Yesterday, 4,000 activists had started from a protest camp in Viersen to block coal mining operations in Rhineland, Europe’s largest source of carbon dioxide emissions. Another 2,000 activists have departed from the camp this morning. Yesterday 40,000 students from Fridays for Future protested in Aachen, only 50 km distance from the open coal mine. For today Fridays for Future and environmental NGOs have announced large protests directly next to the mine.

Breaking – Several hundred climate activists are occupying the tracks of a coal trainline this moment, thus cutting off the supply line of Germanys largest coal power plants Neurath and Niederaussen. Several thousand activists are on their way to interrupt coal infrastructure at other places.

“We are putting our bodys on the line today to shut down Europe’s second dirtiest coal power plant. The power company RWE continues to extract coal and destroys our future for short term profit. We are not only shutting down this coal plant, we are standing up against a destructive economic system”, – explains Kathrin Henneberger, spokesperson for theEnde Gelaende coalition.

Today around 4,000 climate activists will start from the Ende Gelände protest camp in Viersen to block the coal fields in Rhineland. They will depart from the camp in two waves. More activists are expected to arrive at the camp throughout the day, and to start a third wave of blockades tomorrow. The alliance Ende Gelände demands the immediate coal exit and a fundamental system change.

We still have hopes, the door is still open to a future within the 1.5°C limit. But we will miss this last chance if we don’t act immediately. Today we set out with thousands of people towards a future without fossil fuels, without exploitation and without this destructive quest for infinite economic growth.” states Sina Reisch, spokeswoman of Ende Gelände.

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