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Poble LliureThe three demands of the Catalan democratic revolt:

1. Peace. We want the occupation forces to go. We demand the removal from Catalonia of the Spanish police forces and the resignation of the Interior Minister of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Police brutality is over. Investigate the violence of the police against the citizens of Catalonia in depth, and clean responsibilities.

2. Amnesty. It's enough of prision and exile. We demand the amnesty of all political prisoners judged at the Spanish Supreme Court and the immediate release of all political prisoners, the end of all causes against independence and the free return of all exiles.

Lefts MEPs have voiced their concerns and criticisms about the way in which a proposed Brexit deal is being put forward but with strict time constraints for its ratification.

If the agreement is ratified in Westminster on Saturday then it is likely that the European Parliament will be asked to give its consent next week in Strasbourg.

For their rejection and/or indifference to the repetitive whingeing of career politicians, the youth of Ireland is often subjected to the most unforgiving of criticisms by their various political representatives. While they standing for little else other than re-election, they call the masses time and time again for yet another victory in yet another popularity contest. Enthusiasm for this procession into hell is a privilege afforded only to its profiteers, therefore the proletarian youth of Ireland has consciously and subconsciously developed an ethos of distrust and disdain for a political system that exists only as a distant spectacle, time and time again defying their interests, it must be asked, and is asked by this proletarian youth; how does any force so destructive for Ireland, have any authority to govern it?

A Spanish Supreme Court has today handed down sentences of up to 13 years after finding the Catalan leaders guilty of sedition.

The ruling comes on the same day that a hearing at the European Court of Justice could grant Oriol Junqueras immunity now that he is an MEP.

After a second round of hearings, the European Parliament has decided to reject French Commissioner-designate Sylvie Goulard for the Internal Market portfolio.

Her candidature was marred by controversy as she faces an investigation for fraud and stands accused of conflicts of interest during her time as MEP.

A 5,8 magnitude earthquake centered in the Sea of Marmara hit Istanbul on the 26th of September, resulting in no death but some injured citizens and damaged buildings. The experience revealed that Istanbul is not prepared at all for a much bigger earthquake that experts are expecting in Marmara. In 1999, a 7,6 magnitude earthquake on the same fault system had killed over 17.000 people.

In the light of these events and facts, the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) published a statement the day after the last earthquake. According to the TKP, it is apparent that İstanbul is in a worse situation than in 1999 against earthquakes. The Party emphasizes that there is no need to be surprised by being unprepared for earthquakes while being ruled by the AKP governance as it is the reason for systematically getting away from science, logic, and justice. Indeed, the institutions that are directly related to quakes have made different statements, leading to an escalating panic among the people. In the published statement, TKP draws attention to the emergency muster points which were decreased from 407 to 77 due to unplanned urbanization. During the earthquake, the people could not communicate via their mobile phones and their right to communication was violated because the telecommunication monopolies did not make any proper investments in accordance with the increasing capacity although they rob the people with heavy bills.

Metalworkers in Bizkaia (Basque region) continue the mobilizations in the context of 5 days strike called in the sector. 85% of workers have supported the strike facing the strong police confrontation.

After the meeting with management they gave to workers the following proposal:

Sinn Féin have come in for criticism for their proposal that a tax break equivalent to one month’s rent be granted to those renting from private landlords. Workers’ Party local representative Éilis Ryan today (Monday) said the tax break was a return to Celtic Tiger Fianna Fáil politics, and amounted to a public handout for greedy landlords.

Ryan said:

“Sinn Féin’s proposals to grant a tax break equivalent to one month’s rent to every individual in the private rented sector is nothing short of a handout for landlords. It is effectively accepting the right of landlords to charge exorbitant rents, and making it the state’s responsibility to close the gap between what tenants can afford and what landlord’s believe they are entitled to be paid.

Statement of the European Communist Initiative

The parties participating in the European Communist Initiative denounce the outrageous anti-communist resolution of the European Parliament and the escalation of anti-communism planned by the EU. This resolution promotes the unhistorical identification of communism with the monster of fascism, whitewashing the fascists and their actions, expressing hatred for the struggle of the peoples. The slander that socialism equates to fascism in the name of totalitarianism is revealed by the fact that fascism is born and bred of capitalism. Their common economic basis is the power of monopolies that only socialism overthrows.

In a letter today to the Commission President-elect, GUE/NGL co-Presidents Manon Aubry (France Insoumise, France) and Martin Schirdewan (DIE LINKE, Germany) urge rethinking of proposed fragmented portfolios for Commissioners, stress the problem of conflicts of interest among Commissioners-designate, and raise key policy concerns on economics, climate, gender equality and new tech.

In times of economic uncertainty, it is easy to lay blame at the foot of the asylum seeker, the migrant or a member of a vulnerable community and proclaim loudly that IF IT WERE NOT FOR THEM things would be better. But would they?

If we examine Irish history and take a look at a particularly excellent economic analysis of it by Dr Conor McCabe – Sins of the Father, we will see that Ireland has suffered, dramatically, from many of the same issues it suffers today. Of particular note, we can see that the first government from 1922, failed to construct houses which led to slum living conditions and a housing crisis,  they failed to properly create an indigenous economy which led to farmer subsidies and even a small famine in 1925, they failed to develop infrastructure and build up communal necessities. Why?

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