24 | 04 | 2019

The following is a statement of solidarity from “The Red Nation”

Greetings relatives and comrades gathered in Ireland this weekend,

The Red Nation sends our solidarity and revolutionary salutes to our relatives and comrades in the Irish Liberation Movement(s) as a whole. We join all of you in honoring and remembering all who have given their lives in the cause of Irish national liberation and socialism.

Over the past few years The Red Nation has appreciated the support, solidarity, and comradeship of the Irish Socialist and Republican movements and we have not forgotten this. We have carried your flags in our marches, we have spoken about you in our conferences, and as a revolutionary internationalist organization we are committed to struggling against imperialism and capitalism alongside all of you.

The misconception is that Marxist Feminists see Gender as a very narrow, binary concept, that doesn’t take into account any deviation from the old dichotomy of male and female. Marxist Feminists can accept that trans people exist and ought to be supported, just in the same way that Liberal Feminists can. It is true that the language used is quite binary, however I believe this comes from the fact that the great foundational thinkers of the Marxist Feminism, Alexandra Kollontai and Clara Zetkin are still widely read by Marxist Feminists today, even later thinkers like Shulamith Firestone, Ueno Chizuko, Silvia Federici and of course, possibly the most famous Marxist Feminist, Angela Davis, were writing, leading and theorising decades before the movement for transgender equality and liberation in the 2010s had begun to take place.

KPP PolandCommunist Party of Poland expresses its indignation at the dismantling of the monument of Nikos Beloyannis in Wroclaw. Monument was located at the yard of the 22nd Primary School in Stablowice district.

TUI Transport, Ports, Fishery and Communication, Sectoral Organization of WFTU strongly condemns the prohibition decision related to the strike called by USB Italy. Unione Sindacale Di Base (USB), which is the representative of Class Oriented Union Movement in Italy, had called for a strike on 12th April and the Government of Italy responded this militant call by prohibiting it.

This is a clear violation of the right to go on strike, which is one of the most important rights of Working Class gained at the expense of a long-term class struggle.

European election candidate Cllr. Éilis Ryan (Workers’ Party), has condemned the arrest of Julian Assange this morning in the UK, and called for stronger European protections for whistleblowers. 

Cllr. Ryan said: 

“Assange’s arrest was, according the UK policy, carried out ‘on behalf of the US government,’ and in relation to charges which the US has refused to reveal. This is an astonishing breach of every democratic and legal norm.”

PAME expresses its support to the activities of the USB Italy Trade Union in Defense of the Right to go on Strike.

USB denounced the decision of the Government Commission to prohibite the Strike that the Union had called for April 12th. Responding to the ban, the USB calls on three-day actions to defend the Right to Strike with Demonstrations across Italy on April 12 and strike action in various sectors over the next weeks.

In France, eight communist organizations, including the Revolutionary Communist Party of France (PCRF) and the Pole for Communist Revival in France (PRCF) issued a common declaration that indicates a common position on the imperialist aggression towards Venezuela, the anti-communist campaign against historian Annie Lacroix-Riz, and the "Yellow Vest" movement.

Only a full Brexit will create the conditions for the rapid regeneration and renewal of industry, infrastructure and public services, the Communist Party insisted at the weekend.

Alex Gordon reminded the party's executive committee of Jeremy Corbyn's speech in Coventry in February last year, when the Labour leader had warned that EU treaties and directives would block his party's policies to provide state aid to cutting-edge industry, extend public ownership, outlaw the super-exploitation of imported agency labour, reform public sector procurement rules and put an end to outsourcing and privatisation.

The CP of Ukraine assessed the first round of presidential elections in Ukraine as a rejection of the US-NATO backed regime and a pursuit for radical change.

As Ukraine enters the second round of presidential elections, the first round where Volodymyr Zelensky, a comedian, received most of the votes against the Poroshenko government, the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine (KPU) issued a statement on 4 April assessing the situation. The KPU underlined that the election campaign takes place under the intimation of militarized nationalist and neo-fascist groups backed by the US. The Constitution of Ukraine is being violated as millions of Ukrainian citizens living in Donbas or working in Russia because of the civil war are officially deprived of their constitutional electoral rights.

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