Friday, 23. March 2018
  • CPI(M) on n Supreme Court Judgement on POA

    The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement:

    The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) expresses concern about the judgement delivered by the Supreme Court that has diluted the provisions of the Prevention of Atrocities (SC/ST) Act.


  • Umm al-Hiran to Be Evacuated for Demolition from Mid to Late April

    The “unrecognized” Arab-Bedouin village of Umm al-Hiran in the Negev is to be evacuated for demolition some time during the second half of April it was announced on Tuesday, March 20, by the Israel Lands Authority and the Authority for the Development and Settlement of the Bedouin.

    On Wednesday, officials accompanied by armed Israeli police officers pinned eviction and demolition orders on the doors of the village informing residents that the evictions will take place at any time between April 14 and 29 from 8am.


  • Report: Jan−Feb 2018, Israel Detained 1,319 Palestinians

    During January and February 2018, Israeli Occupation Forces arrested 1,319 Palestinians from the occupied Palestinian territories, including 274 children, 23 women and 4 journalists. These figures appear in a report released last week following its joint preparation by four Palestinian NGOs: the Prisoners and Liberties Affairs Association, the Palestinian Prisoner Club, the Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association, and the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights.


  • Communist Party of Swaziland calls for a boycott in the 2018 tinkhundla elections

    The Communist Party of Swaziland calls upon the people to revolt against Mswati's birthday celebrations and to boycott the upcoming elections

    In Swaziland, close to 70% of the people live below US$2 a day. Last year the World Food Program estimated that 350,000 people of Swaziland’s 1.3 million population were in need of food assistance.


  • KKE: The "Iniochos 2018" multinational military exercise constitutes a "war rehearsal"

    In a statement regarding the multinational air force exercise "Iniochos 2018" in Greece, the Press Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece points out the following:

    "The multinational exercise "Iniochos 2018", with the participation of a large number of forces from the USA, Britain, Italy, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Cyprus, is not being conducted neither for the strengthening of the defense or for the protection of the country's sovereign rights, but constitutes a "war rehearsal".


  • Demonstrations of the trade unions for the signing of collective bargaining agreements


    Photo 1, Photo 2

    On the 20th of March, thousands of demonstrators through their participation in rallies and demonstrations in Athens, Pireaus, and other cities, sent a deceive message to reinforce the struggle for Collective labour Agreements being waged by Federations, Labour Centres and Trade Unions, in response to the call of the All-Workers’ Militant Front (PAME).


  • PSL: On the potential of Trump-DPRK negotiations

    Brian Becker, co-director of ANSWER Coalition and co-founder of the PSL, commented on the possible meeting of the US president Trump and the DPRK leader Kim Jong Un.

    An article which covers excerpts from a presentation given by Brian Becker on the possible meeting of the US president Trump and the DPRK leader Kim Jong Un has been published on Liberation. Becker indicates that DPRK does not hope for a "security guarantee" from the US and only desires a normalization of relations between the US.


  • Condolences to the Masses of Brazil on the Murder of Marielle Franco

    The Communist Party of Israel (CPI) sends its sincerest condolences to all progressive and democratic forces in Brazil on the murder of Rio de Janeiro city council member, Marielle Franco. The CPI is party to the grave concerns regarding the army’s involvement in the repression of the city’s residents, already suffering from poverty, crime and violence, which has collected yet another victim.


  • Hadash Blasts Racist Decision Halting Upper Galilee Land Sales

    Hadash has slammed as racist a decision by the local council head of the northern town of Kfar Vradim in Upper Galilee, Sivan Yechiel, to freeze plans for its expansion after half of the successful bids in a first round of tenders for new housing went to Arabs. Hadash accused Yechiel of enacting an apartheid policy.

    “This is racism against upstanding citizens who just want to live. Those who don’t want the Arabs citizens have a lot to learn from them.”


  • CPI(M) on Maharashtra Kisan Struggle and Tripura Elections

    The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) met in New Delhi on March 16 & 17, 2018. IT has issued the following statement:

    Maharashtra Kisan Struggle

    The Polit Bureau congratulated the kisans of Maharashtra for the success that they achieved in their struggle for the implementation of the Forest Rights Act, remunerative prices and pension; loan waiver for the indebted farmers etc.


  • CP of India Welcomes TDP Stand

    Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy, General Secretary CPI has issued the following statement:

    CPI has decided to support the no-confidence motion in Parliament against the RSS-BJP led NDA government of Narendra Modi, as it failed to keep up its promise of special status to Andhra Pradesh.


  • CP of India Congratulates Gorakhpur, Phulpur and Araria

    Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy, General Secretary CPI has issued the following statement:

    Communist Party of India welcomes the judgement of the people of Gorakhpur, Phulpur (UP) and Araria (Bihar) in giving a crushing defeat to BJP after its defeat in Rajasthan.

    Both the trends are clear. The drastic reduction of BJP vote is the reflection of the disillusionment of people caused by its pro-corporate, anti-peoples policies and its miserable failure to fulfill its promises to bring back black money, provide employment and control prices. The communal divide will not always pay. The unity of secular forces will lead to further isolation and defeat of communal BJP.


  • 'Tories trying to switch agenda', CP insists

    Rather, they prefer to whip up 'nationalist hysteria' against a foreign enemy in which anyone who questions attacks on Russia or challenges higher British spending on armaments will be accused of treachery.

    'This was the trap set for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party leadership and then supported by right-wing Labour MPs', Mr Foster accused.

    But the Labour leader had been right to insist that the British government should provide 'clear evidence' for its claims of Russian involvement in the Salisbury attack on a former spy and his daughter.


  • Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Expulsion of African Asylum Seekers; Children March in T-A

    One thousand protesters, mainly children, staged a solidarity rally in central Tel Aviv on Friday, March 16, with African refugees and asylum seekers who are slated to be deported by the far-right government in the coming weeks to Uganda or Rwanda.

    The demonstration “Children and Youth against Deportation”—began at Habima Square from where the children made their way to Sderot Chen and convened in Rabin Square. At the end of the march, the famous Israeli musician, Aviv Geffen performed at together with a band from the Bialik Rogozin High School in south Tel Aviv where many of the children of refugees and asylum seekers learn.


  • Joint List Votes against Israel’s Militarized & Neo-Liberal Budget

    The Joint List has rejected the government’s proposed general state budget for 2019. During a plenum debate in the Knesset Communist MK Aida Touma-Sliman (Hadash – Joint List) argued that the budget prepared by the government is designed to reinforce the occupation, intensify settlement construction, deepen discrimination and prejudice against the state’s Arab citizens, and widen the gaps in the distribution of public resources.


  • TKP: 'Shut down US military bases, break ties with NATO!'

    Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) launches anti-NATO petition campaign demanding shutting down the İncirlik base and the rest of the US military bases, breaking ties with NATO.

    soLnews portal reported that the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) has started a petition campaign against the NATO, calling people to the anti-imperialist struggle on the ranks of those who can fight imperialism sincerely.


  • SIPRI Ranks Israel as the World’s Fifth Largest Arms Supplier

    According to the updated data of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Israel is the fifth largest arms supplier in the world with $1.26 billion of sales last year, following the US, Russia, France and Germany. India is by far Israel’s largest weapons market, having bought $715 million worth of weaponry in 2017, down slightly from the $767 million that it bought in 2016.

    This represents a whopping 650% increase in arms sales by Israel to India over the last decade.


  • Tyulkin from RCWP: 'Bluff of President Putin'

    Interview with Viktor Tyulkin from the Russian Communist Workers’ Party (RCWP) on Russian elections and Putin.

    In an interview with 1st Secretary ROT Front of the Russian Communist Workers' Party, Central Committee member Viktor Tyulkin answered questions on the Russian elections and called Putin’s power play as a ‘bluff’. The interview was issued on 6 March on the official website of RCWP.


  • CP of Slovakia on the current protests in Slovakia

    The Communist Party of Slovakia (KSS) evaluates the political situation following the murder of journalist Kuciak in Slovakia.

    After the destabilisation of the Slovakian political scene and mass protests following the murder of journalist Jana Kuciak and his partner, the Communist Party of Slovakia issued statements analysing the current situtation.


  • Communists in Brazil condemn assassination of Marielle Franco

    Communists in Brazil vehemently condemn brutal murder of socialist Councilwoman Marielle Franco struggling for women's rights and against police brutality.

    Councilwoman Marielle Franco from the Socialism and Freedom Party (PSOL) and driver Anderson Pedro Gomes were assassinated on March 14 in Rio de Janeiro. Marielle Franco was known for the struggle for women’s rights and against police brutality.

    She was the president of the women's rights committee of the City Council of Rio. The armed assault that took place on Wednesday night killed Marielle and her driver while an advisor, Fernanda Chaves, survived the attack and was hospitalized.


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