Monday, 23. July 2018

COSATUThe Congress of South African Trade Unions welcomes the resignation of President Jacob Zuma. This resignation was long overdue. We do laud him for finally doing the right thing and freeing the country from what was a momentous week of political turmoil.

This decision will hopefully allow the country to move away from the relentless partisan fighting, the prolonged political gridlock, and also the damaging corruption scandals. Now the ANC has an opportunity to work to consolidate the gains of our country's young democracy and rescue many poor people from the clutches of poverty.

COSATUThe Congress of South African Trade Unions welcomes the ANC NEC decision to recall President Jacob Zuma from office as the President of South Africa. We have also noted that the president has since refused to abide by the decision of the NEC and resign.

The federation is not at all surprised by this level of intransigence and total inebriation with power by President Jacob Zuma. This after all is the president who working with his mercenary followers converted his Cabinet into a rent-seeking, docile and unaccountable caste.

ancThe National Executive Committee (NEC) of the African National Congress (ANC) convened a special meeting on Monday, 12th February 2018 at the Saint George Hotel, Tshwane. The meeting was called to reflect on the current situation as it pertains to the position of the President of the Republic of South Africa, Comrade Jacob Zuma.

The NEC received a report from the Officials on their engagement with President Zuma. These engagements had been informed by the commitment to pursue firstly the interest of the country and the ANC and the determination to handle the matter with utmost dignity.

New demonstrations in Sudan meet with repression and leaders of the opposition including those of the Communist Party of Sudan are detained.

Following the uprisings against the economic policies of the Sudanese regime on 16 January in Khartoum and 17 January in Omdurman, the call for 31 January in Khartoum North met with massive support of the Sudanese people.

The demonstration organised by the opposition including the Communist Party of Sudan (CPoS) was harshly repressed by the regime’s security forces. In several towns of Sudan, protests were dispersed by the police and the leaders of the opposition were detained by the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS).

Common appeal by communist and workers' parties in solidarity with the working people of Sudan demanding the immedate release of the leaders of the CP of Sudan and all political detainees.

ICP, 30 January 2018

The persecutions by the government of Sudan towards the political opposition including leaders of the CP of Sudan, which had mobilised the people against economic conditions, meets  international reaction by communist and workers’ parties in solidarity with the people of Sudan.

The Communist Party of Israel (CPI) has issued a statement “condemning the arrest of Mokhtar al-Khatib and his courageous comrades, and denouncing the repression of the demonstrators in Sudan [and declaring] our full solidarity with the legitimate struggle of the Sudanese Communists and people to end tyranny and for freedom, dignity and social justice.”

The Sudanese CP (SCP) reported the government attack towards the Party including the detention of its leaders following its successful march against economic measures. The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) issued a solidarity statement.

ICP, 18 January 2017

According to the statement issued by Fathi Alfadl from the Political Bureau of the SCP, it was reported that the Sudanese security forces had attacked the residence of Comrade Alkhatieb, member of the SCP, and arrested him at dawn on January 17.

Today, January 15th the Pre-Congress of Working Women of French Speaking Africa kicked off.

The WFTU General Secretary, George Mavrikos is taking part in the conference and today he addressed the delegates from all the French Speaking Countries of Africa.

During his speech he underlined: “The WFTU since its formation was and will be on the side of the struggling people of Africa”.

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World Federation of Trade Unions

WFTUThe World Federation of Trade Unions, on the behalf of its 92 million members in 126 countries all over the world, stands by the side of the 1.600 workers who were dismissed from Mukhtar Contracting and Investment Company after ten or twenty years of service, because of claimed liquidation process of the company.

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